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Pro-Life Choice Association

Pro-Life Choice Association is a non-governmental nonprofit organization founded in 2013. Our main goals are to inform the society about the value of the human life from the moment of conception to the natural death, to help the vulnerable and suffering and their relatives not to make fatal decisions which they will regret later.

Our activities include:

  • Informing – We write, translate, prepare and distribute articles, books, brochures, movies and other materials related to the protection of the human life and health. We are using all available printing and electronic media to share with the Bulgarian society current, trustworthy and useful information concerning the subject of the value and the protection of the human life.
  • Supporting – We are helping pregnant women and their families in the difficult but beautiful choice – pro-life and we care for the recovery of women who have passed through abortion. We are cooperating according to our ability – morally, emotionally and physically – to those whose’ lives have been endangered.
  • Expanding – We are creating local branches of the organization, whereby our messages and support can reach to the maximum number of people. We are working with local supporters – medical doctors,  psychologists, lawyers, and other citizens – to protect the right to life.
  • Cooperation – We are searching for suitable forms of contact and cooperative work with other related Bulgarian and international organizations supporting our ides and goals. Together with our local and international partners, we are creating a basis for a better future in Europe and worldwide.
  • Development – We are participating in international trainings, seminars, discussions and other events, where we can gain knowledge and experience. Thus, we can serve our society more efficiently and protect the right to life and personal happiness.

Our organizational leaders are:

  • Ivaylo Tinchev – Chairman
  • Miroslava Radilova – Vice Chairman
  • Diana Tincheva – Secretary